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Welcome to Little Creek Flowers

Local flowers grown right here in Pocatello!

Are you pulled in a million different directions every day?


Are there nights where you put your head down on your pillow and think "I didn't even have 5 minutes for me today", then I can help.

Every time you look at one of our hand crafted bouquets, you will be reminded of the simple pleasures in life.  


A quick moment of reflection each time you look, it's like meditation on the go.

Come see us this spring to pick up your bouquet! 

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Want to grow your own cut flowers?

It's easier than you think.

With our 8 easy to grow cut flower varieties, you will be on your way to filling your house with flowers from your own yard!

We've filled this free resource with 8 of our favorite varieties from seed. 


You'll be harvesting handfuls of beautiful blooms before you know it. 

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