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About Us

Hi, my name is Crystal. Last spring Maggie, my four legged associate, and I started Little Creek Flowers. It's great to have a dog as a business partner (she's great company and never finishes the last of the coffee).


​A few years ago I started daydreaming of the day when I could leave the drab little cubicle I worked in everyday and do something I loved. One day I stumbled across the idea of small scale flower farming. Immediately I set about doing all the research I could. I ordered some cut flower seeds and started a small cutting garden

in my backyard. I fell in love with the beauty and freshness of a bouquet cut from your own garden. I wanted to share the flowers with everyone I knew. Of course a backyard can only supply so many flowers and that got me thinking about when it might be time to take the leap to more land. In a very fortunate turn of events, some land was offered up to me to try a bit bigger scale (click here to read more about it on the blog). 

Starting Little Creek Flowers has been an amazing dream come true. I get to take my dog with me to work everyday, I get to garden (which has been a passion of mine for decades) and I get to grow and share the most beautiful of things but best of all, I get to see the smile on your face when you get the perfect bouquet! There is nothing quite as rewarding as making someone's day a little better. 


With my first year at the farm under my belt, I am looking forward to sharing even more flowers with you this coming season!

Can't wait to learn more... Subscribe to our newsletter (here) for all the details! I will share fun updates from the farm, tips to help you on your gardening journey, and special offers you won't see anywhere else! 

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